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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood’s Nic Gregoriades at Tai-Kai

Tai-Kai Martial Arts hosted a seminar with Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood co-founder and Roger Gracie Black Belt Nic Gregoriades.  The seminar held on 4/17 was a great success.  Nic started the seminar with several flexibility / movements drills that set the tone for a very organized and well run seminar.  All of the movement drills tied directly into the techniques and concepts he presented.  Everyone commented on how much they learned and how well they enjoyed the seminar!























Tai-Kai NY OPEN Results



Congrats to everyone from Tai-Kai that went to compete in the NY Open IBJJF Tournament. Day One was GI( Blue, Purple and Above) Day  Two was GI(white) and NO GI for all ranks. Everyone did awesome.  Those that didn’t place wound up losing to the eventual winner but  had to face them  first round. Thanks to everyone that competed, went for support, and Coached( Ben ).


Ed Abrasley- 2nd Super Heavy Purple Belt: Ed also did the Purple Belt open. Won his first match then was winning his next match and got DQ for a toe hold


Jeff Standish-1st Heavyweight White Belt

Kyle Warford- 2nd Lightweight white belt

Dan Dantuono- 1st heavyweight Blue  Belt Masters

Dan Dantuono- 1st Open Class  Blue  Belt Masters

Logan Walker- 3rd Place Blue Belt Lightweight

and Big congrats to everyone that went there to compete and gave their all


Kadijah Peek (PICKLE)

Alec Callahan

AJ Masello