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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Congrats 10 New Tai-Kai Blue Belts: 03/10/16







Congrats to the 10 newest Blue Belts from Tai-Kai. Part 1 of the test was a few weeks ago. It involved the demonstration and mastery of required Takedowns and ground techniques which included sweeps,escapes, positional control and dominance, submissions, and reversals. Part 2 was last night. The candidates had to demonstrate their required self defense skills and then roll for 30 minutes straight in one an half minute rounds.  Everyone passed and did awesome. Congrats again


New Blue Belts

Jeff Exner

Chris Richmond

Alec Callahan

Brad Shepard

Bailey Sherbourne

Vincent Kovach

Tiffany Hoff

Kaitlin Gregory

Jim Kearns

Dan Dantuono



Tai-Kai Albany -NAGA Results









On March 5th, 2016 Tai-Kai brought a small team to the NAGA tournament in Albany. First I would like to thank Mike Spuches, Ed Abrasley, the Barn Cat, and Jason Eggleston for doing a great job coaching.  Everyone that competed did great. Here are the Results with some pictures at the end


1st Place Super Heavyweight Expert- Ed Abrasley

3rd Place- Middleweight Expert-  Dickie White

1st Place-  Intermediate Kids NO GI- Micah Perry

2nd Place- Intermediate Kids GI- Micah Perry

2nd Place- Masters Beg/Intermediate Cruiser weight- Fred Perry-No GI

1st Place- Masters White Belt Cruiser weight- Fred Perry- GI

1st Place- Women’s No GI Beginner- Stephanie Coulson

2nd Place- Masters Beginner/Intermediate heavyweight-NO GI Michael Benjamin

1st place- Masters- White Belt Heavyweight Michael Benjamin

3rd Place- Expert NO GI- Michael Spuches

2nd Place- Intermediate Kids GI- William Burnell

2nd Place- Intermediate Kids- N0 Gi William Burnell

2nd place- Kids GI- Chloe Raith

2nd Place-Kids No GI- Chloe Raith

2nd place-Kids GI- Ty Demoya-Fritzen

2nd place-Kids NO GI- Ty Demoya-Fritzen

1st Place-Kids GI-Jack Devinney

1st Place-Kids GI- Saxon Mageean

1st Place-Kids NO GI- Saxon Mageean

2nd Place-Kids NO GI- Mason Mageean

2nd Place-Kids GI- Mason Mageean