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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Blue Belt Test-Thursday March 10th at 6:45

blue On March 10th at 6:45 we will be having a Blue Belt Test. This will be in place of regular BJJ class that night. The 10 candidates have already demonstrated their ground techniques and takedowns.  They will be demonstrating their required self defense techniques and then rolling for 30 minutes straight. They will then be awarded their Blue Belts. We need a lot of people in there to help with the rolling and also after the test we are going to have a big open mat. So lets get as many people in there as possible.

Tai- Kai Results from Philadelphia NAGA 2/6/2016





Congrats to everyone that competed and a big Congrats and thank you to Coach Ben Tallini for going down there and helping everyone. He did a great job



Ben Tallini- 2nd place NO GI -Expert

Ed Abrasley -2nd place NO GI- Expert, 1st place Purple Belt GI

Khadijah Peek(PICKLE) -1st Place Beginner NO GI, 2nd Place Intermediate NO GI,  1st place  GI-White Belt

Kyle Warford- 1st Place GI-White Belt

Richard White(Dickie) 1st place GI-Purple Belt

Alec Callahan -2nd place NO GI, 1st Place GI-White Belt