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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Congrats New Tai Kai Belts-4/28/15




Tai-Kai had a Belt Ceremony/Test on April 28th, 2015.  We had visitors from BC Martial Arts and Oneonta Jiu-Jitsu Academy(which if you live in Binghamton or Oneonta you should be training there) The test was a success.  Students had to demonstrate a various techniques: guard passes, sweeps, submissions, Takedowns, and Self-Defense.  Self-Defense was our main criteria especially with the upper belts. After the demonstrations, Blue Belt candidates has to grapple for 30 minutes, Purple Belts for 45 minutes, and Brown Belt candidates for 1 hour. All the students helped the candidates push through and pass the test successfully.  The family atmosphere at Tai-Kai was evident and in full effect Tuesday Night. It was great seeing whole families there for support.  I want to thank everyone for coming in , especially all the Tai-Kai Instructors for helping out and being there. More pics and videos to come later.


New  Belts:

Brown Belts

Tamdan McCrory

Michael Mucitelli

Matt Martindale

David Briest

Darius Collinson

Purple Belts

Dickie White

Wyatt Green

Blue Belts

Sarah Barnhardt

Mike Edwards



‘Earth Day’ Cleanup at Tai-Kai!

On Wednesday April 22, Earth Day, in spite of cold and damp weather, a small contingent of Tai-Kai families cleaned up the area surrounding the school.  Students and families removed all the trash and discarded items at the rear and sides of the school.  After the clean up, students enjoyed cookies, snacks and crafts provided by The Gi Project.  Thanks to all the students who helped with this project!  Also thanks to Rich Mossotti for taking these great pictures!

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Four New Blue Belts!

Special congratulations to our four new BJJ blue belts Ryan Balintfy, AJ Masello, Bill Hoff and Cory Lawson. The test ran for over an hour and included a comprehensive self-defense and curriculum review and over thirty plus minutes of live grappling against fresh partners!