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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tai-Kai Referral Contest! SPIN & WIN!!!


Refer a friend or Family member to Tai-Kai and win! Here’s how it works:

They attend class = 1 ticket
They enroll in a regular program = 5 tickets
(kickboxing program = 2 tickets)
*For every person who enrolls into a regular program you get to spin the wheel for a guaranteed prize! (2 kickboxing enrollments = 1 spin)

Congrats to everyone who competed in NAGA!


Congratulations to everyone at Tai-Kai, B.C. Martial Arts, and Oneonta Jiu-Jitsu Academy who competed in NAGA in Albany last weekend. Win or lose it takes guts to compete!

Tai-Kai, Liverpool results:
Jack Sherbourne – 2nd place expert gi
Valencia Bidwell – 2nd Place expert no-gi, 1st Place Aavanced No-gi, 1st Place Advanced Gi.
Presley Bidwell – 2nd Place no-gi, beginners
Mike Bidwell – 1st expert executive no-gi
Sheena Bidwell – 1st expert, women’s adult no-gi
Micah Perry – 2nd Inter gi, 2nd Inter no-gi
Ed Abrasely – 1st expert gi, 1sr expert no-gi
Carter Rowley – 1st beginner gi, 2nd inter gi, 3rd beginners no-gi
James Rodriquez – 2nd place no-gi expert
Corey Lawson – 2nd place gi, 3rd no-gi
Will Burnell – 2nd gi, 2nd no-gi inter
Karis Frazier – 2nd expert
Kenji Frazier – 2nd expert gi, 2nd expert no-gi
Ryan Balintfy – 1st no-gi, 2rd gi
Scott Fowler – 1st master blue, 2nd adult blue
Jim Jordan – 3rd blue belt adult
Allie Yarman – 2nd place, 3rd place inter gi
Chloe Raith – 2nd place gi and no-gi
Ty Demoya – 1st beginner no-gi, 2nd inter no-gi, 2nd beginners gi




Children’s Program Reminders

At Tai-Kai Martial Arts we always try to maintain a safe, clean, friendly environment. Therefore we ask that all students please follow our uniform guidelines for classes. If you have any questions, please see an instructor. Thanks!
kids reminders

Tai-Kai: Thai Test Results


Congrats to the Following who Tested At Tai-Kai under Ajarn Kevin Seaman

    First Level (White Arm Band)

Kahdijah Peek
Manar Suleiman

    Second Level (Gold Arm Band)

Justin Lucas

    Third Level (Green Arm Band)

Ryan Balintfy
Mike Bowes

    Seventh Level (Black Arm Band/ Kru)

Cory Lawson


Tai-Kai Hosts World Champion Andre Galvao for second time!

On Saturday February 28th, 2015 Tai-Kai hosted a seminar with BJJ and ADCC world champion Andre Galvao. Over fifty plus students from all over the region participated in the three hour event. After a quick re-introduction and warm up, Professor Galvao got right into lapel-guard and open guard sweeps. All of the moves he taught transitioned perfectly into the next technique making it easier to absorb the information. After over 2.5 hours of non-stop techniques, sweeps, set-ups, and transitions…Professor Galvao moved the group into drill rounds that supported the techniques he taught. Overall it was a fantastic seminar with many great techniques for all levels. We look forward to having Professor Galvao back in the summer when it’s warmer (we think the snow may have scared him).




Tai-Kai/ BC Martial Arts/ Team Balance go 2-0 this weekend: Fight Videos Included


It was a busy weekend with over 400 miles between the two venues. A big congrats to Ed Abrasley and Tamdan McCrory. Both won their fights under a minute with submissions.

Bellator, CT 2/27/2015

Tamdan McCrory vs. Jason Butcher

Round 1: Butcher is in white trunks with blue gloves. McCrory is in white trunks with black trim and red gloves. Our referee in charge is “Big” John McCarthy. McCrory has Butcher to the ground 10 seconds in but Butcher pops back up. McCrory pulls guard trying to get a guillotine and lets Butcher on top 51 seconds in. Butcher is warned not to put a thumb in McCrory’s eye and just seconds later McCrory gets the verbal tap via armbar.

Final result: Tamdan McCrory finishes Jason Butcher via armbar submission at 1:06 of R1.


PA Cqge Fight 2/28/2015

Ed Abrasley – heavyweight first round submission over Chuck Kowalchick. Ed came out and threw some punches. His opponent tried to shoot. Ed went to lock up the guillotine choke and then transitioned to a triangle choke. His opponent picked Ed up and slammed him attempting to get out of the triangle but it was to no avail. Ed finishes the Triangle and becomes the Heavyweight PA Cage fight champion.


So Team Tai Kai/ BC Martial Arts/ Team Balance go 2-0 this weekend. Thanks to all he coaches and the behind the scenes people such as Dennis Sugure, Kevin Seaman, Chris Roach, Mike Mucitelli, Steve Ward and all the fans and students that went to the fights to support them.