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Monthly Archives: November 2013

First Robson Moura Seminar was simply AWESOME at Tai Kai


           On November 10, 2013 , Tai-Kai hosted its first Robson Moura seminar. Let me just say it was awesome.  Some of the techniques he demonstrated I have seen on some of his video sets but watching them on TV was not the same. He made all those techniques easy and doable right away. I was very impressed with his knowledge and overall teaching ability.  He covered some butterfly guard passes that eventually worked into three different submissions from the pass. We also worked some sweeps from the Z Guard that went into some submissions. The details he added on all these techniques was amazing.  He opened it up to question and answer and pretty much showed people anything they wanted to see or had a question about. Bryce Tallini was the lucky individual who got to be the partner for these Q and A demonstrations. We had people here in attendance from Tai Kai, Dojo-1, Binghamton BJJ, CNY MMA, Infinity BJJ, and Berhing BJJ NY. We are hoping to have Robson up many more times. So if there is a Robson seminar in your neighborhood don’t walk but RUN to get to the seminar.


Congrats to Mike Mucitelli on his Bellator win.



Big Congrats to Mike Mucitelli. You showed  heart and the ability to change your game plan.  Everyone at Tai Kai is proud of you. Thanks to coaches Dennis Sugure and Ed Abrasley. Once again big thanks Jimmy Binns and Bellator. Here is the write up from Sherdog.com




Mucitelli lands a low kick before shooting for a takedown. McCurdy stuffs him, and the men separate after a minute against the cage. Mucitelli lands a left hook-right straight in the center of the cage, followed by a body kick, but McCurdy drives forward with a solid jab of his own. McCurdy stifles another takedown and lands a knee to the belly. McCurdy lands a nice right hand and a low kick, along with another jab. The Oklahoman suddenly lands a right hand behind Mucitelli’s ear that drops him to the mat. McCurdy dives into his man’s guard but allows him to stand before catching a kick and putting him on the canvas once again with a right hand.


Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 McCurdy
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 McCurdy
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 McCurdy


Mucitelli sees another desperate takedown stuffed to begin round two, and McCurdy is now stalking the New Yorker with his jab. McCurdy catches two consecutive kicks and throws Mucitelli to the mat both times, electing not to follow his foe down. Mucitelli eats another jab but answers with a one-two of his own. McCurdy blocks a head kick but eats one to the body shortly thereafter. McCurdly looks fatigued now, and Mucitelli appears to have found a second wind, winging a left hook upstairs and then firing a hard round kick to the ribs as the round expires.


Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Mucitelli
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Mucitelli
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Mucitelli


Mitelli took over in the final 10.

Mucitelli lands a solid knee to the ribs, but McCurdy responds in kind and follows up with a pair of stiff jabs. His undefeated opponent presses the action and lands a sharp right hand on the inside, moving forward with two low kicks to McCurdy’s lead leg. Both men are cut over an eye. “Crazy” Mike lands two hard right hands, but McCurdy connects with a hard right of his own, followed by a jab and a solid left hook. McCurdy catches a kick and sweeps Mucitelli to the mat. However, the Oklahoman once again stands out of Mucitelli’s guard to avoid the ground game.


Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Mucitelli (29-28 Mucitelli)
Brian Knapp scores the round 10-9 Mucitelli (29-28 Mucitelli)
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Mucitelli (29-28 Mucitelli)


Mike Mucitelli def. Ryan McCurdy via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) R3 5:00




Tai-Kai Refer-A-Friend Contest- Win 1,000 CASH



Tai-Kai Refer-A-Friend Contest:
Earn tickets that go into a drawing for $1,000 Cash! 
Refer a friend and spin the prize wheel for a guaranteed gift card to local businesses!


Wheel Prizes

$50 Cash

$50 Gift Card to Tai Kai

$50 Gift Card to Target

$50 Gift Card to Regal Cinema

$50 Gift Card to Disney Store or to Disney

$50 Gift Card to Chilis

$50 Itunes Card

$50 Pre Paid VISA CARD

$50 Gift Card to Applebees

$50 Gift Card to Starbucks

Here’s How it works:
Attend a seminar (I.e. Robson Moura) = Get 5 Tickets!
Refer a friend to a class = Get 1 Ticket!
Friend signs up = Get 5 Tickets! When your friend enrolls, you also get to spin the prize wheel for a guaranteed prize!

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