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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Tai-Kai Halloween Party 2013

The third annual Halloween Party was a huge success at Tai-Kai with well over 100 plus parents and kids in attendance.  Everyone was treated to two hours of games, activities, music and playing in the “bouncy house”.  We want to thank all the Coaches, parents and families who made this a huge success!

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Next Belt Ceremony in January-BLACK Belts, Brown Belts, Purple Belts, Blue Belts




Tai Kai’s next belt ceremony is scheduled for January. The date is TBD. But we will have a lot of people getting new belts and stripes. Tonight the following were announced



Black Belt

Joe Roach

Mike Bidwell

Anthony Johntson


Brown Belt

Brody Neville

Chris Roach


Purple Belt

Mike Spuches


There will be plenty more being promoted and more will be announced on a weekly basis




Phil Migliarese Seminar and Black Belt Stripes Promotions


On October 5th,2013 at Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Kai hosted a Phil Migliarese seminar. Tai Kai treated its students to this seminar. There was people there from Tai-Kai, Dojo-1, CNYMMA, TKO, Infinity BJJ, and Ultimate Athletics. The first part of the seminar was centered around secrets of the GI. Phil went over a lot of details using the GI to aid in submissions, sweeps, passes ,etc. There were quite a few moves in which many people in attendance have never seen before. I particularly liked the series using the tail of the GI. It was something we have been working lately and he added a whole new dimension to it. He then opened it up to Q and A. He demonstrated anything anyone needed help with and then made sure that person could execute it properly. He also went over some of his history of growing up training at the Gracie Academy and training in Brazil. Thew seminar went for 3 hours than the floor was opened up for open mat. Some Students rolled for 2 hours after.


Phil then promoted myself to 2nd Degree Black Belt in BJJ. It was an honor to receive this distinction especially in front of my own students.


Then after being promoted I was able to promote Steve Overend, Dennis Sugure, and Len Sonia to 1st Degree Black Belts in BJJ. All 3 have been training a long time and proven on and off the mat their technique, class, and character

The seminar was a blast. The techniques were awesome. There was probably over 150 in attendance. This seminar just reinforced my feelings about Balance Studios being one big family. So thanks again to all the students and big thanks to Phil Migliarese for coming down here.