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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Congrats to Tai Kai Competitors at NAGA PA 9/28/2013


Tai Kai took a small team of 5 down to NAGA PA 9/28/13

Here are the Results

Mike Bidwell 1st Place Expert GI
Mike Bidwell 1st Place Expert NO GI
Ben Siragusa 2nd Place Intermediate NO GI
Ben Siragusa 2nd Place Blue Belt GI
Tom Scofield 2nd place White Belt GI
Charles “pez” Bothem 2nd place White Belt GI

also Joe Comi competed. Although he did not place, I heard he had some wars of matches and looked great

Also Congrats to Marcelo Garcia Students Joel Burgess(DOJO1) and Dan Covel(Tai-Kai) on their wins in the NO GI PAN AMS on the same day

Why I chose Balance Studios 2004


It was 2004. I was a four stripe brown belt. I had an affiliation with another association. The affiliation was good but I couldn’t get the training partners, and I was actively competing in grappling tournaments. One of my students had moved to Philadelphia and was training at Balance Studios under the Migliarese brothers. He was telling me how great it was down there and these guys were just like us down to earth ,etc. I started to go down there to get some new training partners. Right from walking through the door I knew I was in the right place. Everyone was friendly and it had that same family atmosphere that we have at Tai-Kai. Everyone trained hard and there were so many new partners. For the next year I kept traveling to Philadelphia sometimes twice a week to train. In 2005, I came to a crossroads in my old association. A lot of people had moved and there were not training partners and the school did not have that family atmosphere anymore. I talked to Phil Migliarese about actually officially becoming part of the Balance family. He needed to talk it over with his association and make sure it was a good fit. He later called me back and offically accepted Tai-Kai as part of the Balance family and association. That was 2005 and its been 8 years since. What I really like about Balance is that people are there for you whether it is encouragement over the phone, training, supporting your decisions, or being there for seminars and fights. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my martial arts career and want to personally thank Balance and the Migliarese brothers for accepting us back in 2004 and in 2005 into their family and association.

Upcoming Seminars At Tai Kai


Phil Migliarese, Team Balance Leader Seminar – Oct. 5th – FREE to all Tai-Kai students! We have also invited all the students from all affiliate schools. The seminar will be from 12PM-2:30 PM then rolling


Dan Inosanto, Martial Arts Legend – Seminar October 26th & 27th –

Register at www.seminarpayment.com


Robson Moura – World BJJ Champion! – November 10th-seminar will be GI. More info to come

Congrats to Tamdan McCrory and Brad Setter on Thai Instructor test under Ajarn Chai


Special Congrats!

From Ajarn Kevin Seaman:

“Huge weekend of training and promotion w/ Ajarn Chai Sirisute! One of my biggest moments as an instructor in that not only did I have my 24th and 25th certified instructors pass their test, but I had several of my instructors certified under Ajarn Chai present. Congratulations to Tamdan McCrory and Bradford Setter for showing extreme heart in passing their Beginning Level Instructor Test under Ajarn. It is a HARD test and I’m extremely proud of your performance! Now, you are ONE of us! Remember that when you walk funny today.”

Free Phil Migliarese Seminar October 5th at Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu


On October 5th , Phil Migliarese will be giving a seminar at Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu. The time will be 12 noon and will be GI. Tai Kai is treating its members and paying for the seminar. So all Tai Kai Students or affiliate schools are welcome to come to this seminar for free. Enjoy a world class seminar with Phil Migliarese as Tai Kai takes care of the bill to thank all of its students for their support and loyalty.