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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Legends of Filipino Martial Arts at Tai Kai 4/17/2013


Nearly 30 people attended the Legends Of The Filipino Martial Arts Seminar Wednesday April 17th hosted by Maha Guro Kevin Seaman, instructor and senior student under Dan Inosanto and Tai Kai. In total, we had martial arts students and instructors from 9 schools in attendance. All the students were enlightened, educated and drained from the instruction by Grandmasters Max Pallen, Michael Giron, Bobby Taboada and Datu Tim Hartman and honored by the presence of these esteemed Gentlemen. Two of the systems shared were combat tested in the jungles of the Philippines during the Japanese Invasion during World War II, family systems passed on from fathers to sons by the fathers of Grandmasters, Max Pallen and Michael Giron. The Balitawak Arnis System was taught by Grandmaster Bobby Taboada, who is the leading exponent of this method. Balintawak is a style of Filipino martial arts developed by Venancio Bacon in the 1950s in Cebu City, Philippines. Datu Tim Hartman shared the double stick method of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas Modern Arnis and organized the tour with these four Legends Of The Filipino Martial Arts.



A Visit to Dojo-One


On April 18th, 2013 , Ken Kronenberg, Dennis Sugrue, Mike Mucitelli, and Chris Roach all took a visit to Dojo-1 for their most recent Belt Ceremony. We had a blast at the event. The facilities are top notch, of course great instruction by Len Sonia, the students are impressive and humble, and a great celebration dinner after. We were all very impressed with the high caliber of jiu-jitsu and the high standards Len Sonia has of his students. At the end of the night, it was literally like a suana in there. Everyone at Tai Kai is proud of what Len has done and is happy that he is part of the Tai-Kai Family. I am going to try and dig up some really old pictures so people can see how long Len has been around in the BJJ world.. Congrats to Len and all of his students!

Thai Boxing Seminar with Surachai “Chai” Sirisute




Seven people from Tai Kai’s Syracuse Branch of the Thai Boxing Association USA were in a attendance at a recent two day seminar weekend with Grandmaster Chai Sirisute, the pioneer who brought Thai Boxing to the United States 46 years ago.
Ajarn Kevin Seaman, Tamdan McCrory, Brad Setter, Corina Toothaker, Mike and Erich Spuches, and Len and Christina Sonia. (Dojo1) were exposed to various combinations, Thai Pad training, clinch work, advanced elbow attacks and more. The two day, 12 hr training seminar was hosted by Kevin Seaman’s student, instructor (Khun Kru) Ryan Gruhn at his school, the Central Pennsylvania Mixed Martial Arts Academy in State College, PA. Students were in attendance from six states for the event. A test was held for Matt Knepp of CPAMMA for Beginning level Instructor at the conclusion of the seminar.