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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Congrats New Blue Belt and Purple Belt Stripe 11/26/12

Big congrats to our latest Blue Belt, Ed Abrasley and our latest Purple Belt Stripe Crazy Mike Mucitelli. Both were awarded these ranks in class Monday Night. Both guys won with pure BJJ in their last fights last weekend in Locked in the Cage and Bellator. Ed by rear naked choke and Mike by a 26 second armbar. So don’t forget to says congrats when you see these guys.

Congrats to Tai-Kai’s Newest Purple Belt- Zac Maneri 11/19/12

Congrats to Tai-Kai’s newest purple belt, Zac Maneri. Zac has been training forever at Tai-Kai. He definitely earned his Purple Belt Tonight. It started off with him having to take 40 people down, then working self defense, guard passes, escapes, sparring with all the blue belts and above, and finally grappling starting from standup with Professor Sugure. He really sucked it up and earned that Purple Belt tonight. Congrats Zac

Mike Mucitelli wins in Bellator 81 in 26 seconds- Video Included

Here is the play by play from sherdog. Also check out the video above and the picture below.Uhde moves forward with punches and quickly gets a takedown.He winds up in Mucitelli’s guard and looks to go to work. He leaves his right arm exposed in the process, however, and Mucitelli quickly transitions into an armbar attempt. Uhde has nowhere to go, and Mucitelli elicits the tapout with the hold just 26 seconds into the first stanza.

Mike just keeps showing everyone out there what we at Tai-Kai already know. Thanks to all the coaches, Dennis Sugrue, Chris Roach, and Darin Carroll that went up there with him. He only needed 26 seconds of coaching this time. Thanks to all his sponsors, people that went up to support him, Bellator, and Binns management.

Congrats to Our New Prize Wheel Spinner- Fred Perry

Congrats to our latest Winner Fred Perry. He referred someone that enrolled in a regular membership. He first spun the wheel and with the help of his youngest it landed on a $100 Cash. So he decided to spin again. He spun again and won a new Gameness Kimono. So keep the referrals coming. I want to give away that 1,000

Congrats to Our latest Prize Wheel Winner

Congrats to CJ for our latest winner. He referred a friend that enrolled at Tai-Kai. He got to spin the wheel Friday night and won a brand new Gameness GI. Congrats CJ and thanks for your support. Who will be our next person to spin the Tai Kai prize Wheel

The Power Within by Kevin Seaman

Reposted from www.kevinseaman.net

What we believe becomes our reality, and we don’t live in reality, we live within our personal representation of reality.”

Belief is a feeling of certainty. There is no maybe, just certainty.

In order to change a belief, we must adjust our references that support that belief. Always remember, you get what you focus on. This is what distinguishes the difference between a champion and everyone else. A champion focuses on the references they have in relation to excellence, they think about the positive references that relate to their personal experiences. In other words, they think and focus on what they have ACCOMPLISHED, what others have accomplished, what others have said positively about them, etc., and most of all, they imagine success! They see it, feel it, hear it and taste it. That is what they focus on and that is what they become, successful! They make those images big, bright and bold in their mind’s eye constantly, and so it becomes. They push their thoughts and visions about their losses, failures and undesirable outcomes way back in the darkest file room, making them a small, unimportant learned test, that has expired in it’s value, no longer part of the future. When I look to find an athlete’s “sticking point”, I always find it is in some way related to what they believe to be true.

Is it always reality?…No, but it’s always their reality.

Did you know, that we have the most amazing built in homing device available, that there is only one other animal that has a goal seeking homing device that is as sophisticated and accurate as the one human beings posses? The homing pigeon is the only other being in the animal kingdom that even comes close. There is a part of our brain called the reticular cortex. This small finger size part of our brain is instrumental in filtering information, sort of a like a bouncer at a club that allows only certain clients to enter. This filtering system is known as the “Reticular Activating System”, a master sorting system that is truly invaluable to us. When you focus on something, your mind looks for every possible way to get it. So, always focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want!

Just because you aren’t competing, doesn’t mean you can’t BE a champion!

© Kevin Seaman 2012/ kevinseaman.net