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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Congrats to New Blue Belt Stripes: Dan Puma and Shane Manley 8/30/12

Congrats to new Blue Belt Stripes: Dan Puma and Shane Manley. Both were awarded their first stripe on their blue belt. Both have been training for a short while but are tearing about the competitions whether it be Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Thai Boxing Or MMA. Anyone who rolls with them on the Mat knows how good these guys are. Congrats to both of them

Tai Kai goes 8-0 : Bellator, Caged Chaos, and Boxing- Pics, Videos, Info

Tai Kai went 8-0 this past weekend. Tai Kai fighters fought in Caged Chaos, Bellator 73, and Amateur Boxing events. Congrats to our fighters Mike Mucitelli, Taylor Kirby, Lawrence Gabriel, Dickie White, Collin Toney, Saboor Coleman, Ed Abraisley and Shane Manley.

Bellator 73 8/24

First up was Mike Mucitelli from Bellator. I will post the play by play, video, and pics from an MMA site.

Light-heavyweight Michael Mucitelli (3-0, 1-0, BFC) put everyone in the Bellator light-heavyweight division on notice Friday with a thrilling win over Matt VanBuren (5-1, 2-1, BFC) with a triangle choke in round one.

Mucitelli, who last fought July 13, took the fight on short notice (Jon Jones, you listening?) when Bellator featherweight champion Pat Curran was forced to withdraw after suffering a broken orbital bone. Curran’s opponent, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire, was also removed from the card.

Most of the fight was waged on the ground, with Mucitelli showing a very dynamic open guard and some upkicks that although didn’t land cleanly, seemed to stun and confuse VanBuren. Then came the triangle — set-up and executed quickly and flawlessly.

Although Bellator likes its fighters to have a few more wins under their belt before entering them in the tournaments, the organization’s brass might want to keep Mucitelli on hand as a replacement, just in case of injury.

Mucitelli’s manager, Jimmy Binns Jr., who runs Binns Management, called me late last week to tell me the fight had been signed, and then called me Saturday to say Mucitelli had won. Clearly, Binns, who also runs Matrix Fights, has a keen eye for talent.

Special thanks to Dennis Sugrue, Chris Roach, and Jimmy Binns for making the trip to corner.

Next up Was Amateur Boxing at Alliance Stadium 8/25

Boxers Taylor Kirby and Lawrence Gabriel each one their boxing fights at Alliance Stadium under Coach Darin Carrol. Taylor took his match on less than 24 hours notice and Lawrence made his debut in the 201 division. Look out 201 Lbers.

Caged Chaos Watertown 8/25

This was the first event of Caged Chaos in Watertown. It was a great event.\

Dickie White

Dickie controlled every aspect of this match. He hit a few takedowns and did some nice punching from the ground. It was the standing guillotine that gave him the win. Dickie applied it and his opponent went to sleep. Congrats Dickie

Collin Toney

Next up was Collin Toney. He dominated this fight. He controlled the fight with takedowns and heavy punches from the ground. The fight went into the second round. In the second round Collin hit another takedown, achieved mount, and let loose with a barrage of punches that made the ref stop the fight. Good job Collin.

Saboor Coleman

Saboor was next. He had the war he wanted. Both fighters exchanged punches. Both fighters landed their share of punches. Saboor had his opponents back a few times in the first round and finished with a few takedowns. In the second round, both fighters exchanged punches again, each fight landing blows. In the end it was Saboor to finish on top with a win in the second round via tap out by rear naked choke. Congrats Saboor.

Ed Abraisley

Ed was up next. The fight lasted 6 seconds. Ed won by Knock out and earning the KO of the night award. Congrats Ed.

Shane Manley

Shane was up at the end for the Caged Chaos 145 lb Title. Shane won a one sided, totally dominating fight. He won all 3 rounds controlling the match with takedowns, grappling control, Submission attempts, and punches from the ground. Hats of to his opponent for surviving all 3 rounds. I have never seen a fighter take that much abuse and not quit. Congrats again to Shane. Look for his Pro Debut soon

Phil Migliarese No-Gi Seminar-Houdini Escape Seminar

On August 4th, 2012, Tai Kai Hosted Phil Migliarese for a No Gi Seminar on Escapes. It was called the Houdini seminar. The seminar was one of the best I have attended. It started off with escapes from some Self-Defense Positions. Phil showed some little details with some basic self defense postions to really tighten up the escapes. He then went onto the ground. We did escapes from Guillotines, Brabo Chokes, North South Choke, Side Control, you name it. I would recommend anyone interested in hosting this Escape seminar to jump at the chance to have it at your school. Overall everyone was pleased with the seminar. Next time we have a straight Jacket for Phil to try and escape from LOL