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Monthly Archives: October 2011

First Tai Kai Halloween Party a Success: Videos and Pictures below

On October 22,2011 Tai Kai Had its first Halloween party. There were about 61 kids. We played all kinds of games: freeze tag, the limbo, gymnastics, Dodge Ball, Jump the Belt, etc. The Kid’s played in groups according to age and then in one big group. I think the parents that stayed to watch had more fun than the kids. The Kid’s also got to pick from the Huge Stash of Candy from the mats. Overall, It was a great time for students and staff.

TRX Training for BJJ: A BJJ Conditioning Video by Jason C. Brown and Tim Hart…”

I’ve been a fan of suspension training for many years. Suspension training offers up some unique exercise variations for BJJ.

One of my favorite exercises and combinations is what I like to call the “TRX Triple Threat.” It consist of 3 distinct exercises that address 3 functions of your hamstring and glutes.

* Knee Flexion (hamstrings only,mostly)
* Hip Extension(hamstrings and glutes, plus some others that I don’t talk about in this video.)
* Stabilizing your knee while extending through the hip, or in BJJ terms, keeping your opponent locked down while finishing your arm-lock.

In the BJJ conditioning video below I highlight different TRX exercises for BJJ.

* The leg curl
* The Hip Press
* The Straight Leg Hip Press

Once you’ve learned all three, try putting them together into one long set. 12 reps of each TRX exercise. 3 sets should be fine.

Be sure to watch the entire video as I relate these TRX exercises to BJJ moves as well.