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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Tai Kai goes 3-0 at Thai Fights in Watertown- Videos Below

Tai Kai goes 3-0 at the Thai Fights in Watertown. Mike Mucitelli won by KO in round 2 and won fighter of the night. James Frier won by 1st round KO and Shane Manley won a Completely one sided Unanimous Decisions. Congrats to these guys and all their striking coaches, Kevin Seaman, Darin Carrol, and Dennis Sugrue

Three Tai Kai Fighters Fight in Watertown this Saturday at Ground Zero

This Saturday July 30,2011 at 7:30 PM, three Tai Kai Fighters will fight in American Fighting Alliance’s Ground Zero Event in Watertown. Shane Manley, James Frier, and Mike Mucitelli all will be fighting. Also lookout for Jiu-Jitsu Nation’s Marques Daniels in the main event. The rules of these fights are similar to San Shou Kickboxing. It is Thai Boxing Rules standing up: no elbows or Knees to the head and you are allowed to do takedowns and throws. It is rare we get an event close to home so get in there to support this guys.

Tai Kai will Miss BJJ Black Belt Dan Covel

Tai Kai BJJ Black Belt and Instructor Dan Covel is starting a new chapter in his life. He is moving to New York City to pursue a job in Respiratory Therapy. We are happy on his new career but everyone at Tai Kai will miss Dan. Tai Kai’s loss will be Marcelo Garcia Academy’s gain. He will be training there. Dan has been around Tai Kai forever. He first started training in Judo, and then with Len Sonia when he lived in Utica, and then with Tai Kai and Len Sonia for the past few years. I can remember when Dan hated the GI. Its funny to actually think about those times. He would never train with the GI. Those that roll with him now with the GI will find that unbelievable because he is a technical wizard with the GI. Dan is one of the most well rounded martial artists here. He can punch, kick, wrestle, and sick Jiu-Jitsu. He is one of the quickest developing students and fighters at Tai Kai. He got good fast. We will all miss him here. Good Luck in NYC Dan!

Watch Ultimate Gracie Here- In case you missed it – The start of MMA

Ultimate Gracie focuses on the legendary Royce Gracie, the man whose performance in the first UFC’s years ago (along with the efforts of his incredible family and many others) changed the face of Martial Arts in the World and launched MMA as it is now and propelled BJJ to a popularity never before seen. For those of us who have were around before UFC 1 in 1993, it is astounding to see the progress. Just back in ’93 you could count in your hands the number of academies in the US. Black Belt instructors were so hard to find, yours truly, Kid Peligro, would drive 40 minutes twice a week to train with one (Nelson Monteiro) and 1 1/2 hours once a week to train with another (Rickson Gracie) . Others were less fortunate and even more dedicated, in conversations with some of my friends like Allen Hopkins I found out that Allen drove 7 hours to attend a Gracie seminar and even moved from Dodge City, Kansas to Slat Lake City Utah so he could train under a Black Belt (Pedro Sauer), I realised the sacrifices people did back then. Back then, you could could in one hand the number of tournaments in this Country as well.

Now some 17 years later, there are so many good academies and so many Black Belts that virtually there is at least one in every City. Tournament schedules are full with many times more than one in the same region on the same dates. Qualified instructors abound and the proliferation of instructional DVD’s, books and on-line teaching makes the art accessible to virtually anyone in the World. Now we have a special to remind us what it was, how it was and where we came from on a major TV channel!

It is pretty amazing to have been an be a witness to this incredible growth.

How To Sweep A Larger Opponent by Stephan Kesting

I’ve recently featured a fair bit of content from various guest authors. And that’s a good thing, because different perspectives are critical to your improvement; after all, no single person can show you everything you need to know about grappling.
Today’s contributor is Jennifer Weintz, a skilled brown belt who has won gold at the Pan Ams twice and also medalled at the Mundials (the BJJ world championships).In this video she shares her two favorite sweeps to use on bigger, stronger opponents. (I should mention that I’ve also used these sweeps successfully on smaller, weaker opponents, so they’re definitely multipurpose techniques that should be in your arsenal if you’re doing BJJ).

Congrats Tai Kai Boxers James Bradshaw and Matt Spack

Congrats To James Bradshaw and Matt Spack of Tai Kai Martial Arts. They are coached under Darin Carrol. They both fought at the Holiday Inn this past Saturday. James won by TKO in round 2. Matt won by KO in round 1. Both opponents were game and ready to fight. Congrats to both of them and Coach Carrol. Tai Kai’s boxing program is really developing, with 4 fights under its belt.