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The Proper Combat Training Program

The Proper Combat Training Program

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Derecola. Some of you know me from the afternoon jiu-jitsu and boxing classes. I contacted Ken and offered to write articles about strength & conditioning, nutrition, supplements, recovery, and sports medicine. I am a certified athletic trainer (ATC) through the National Athletic Trainers Association and a strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. I own and operate Strides of CNY, LLC where we train various athletes and clients of all ages. In addition, I am the strength & conditioning coach for the women’s Le Moyne Dolphins softball, lacrosse, soccer and basketball teams. I am the former athletic trainer and strength coach for the Syracuse Crunch. Needless to say, I have a wide variety of experience training athletes. So enough about me… onto the article.

This article will discuss the importance of a proper training program. As a combat athlete, whatever the specialty, the training program should consist of the following components…

Muscular Strength
Core Strength/Stability
Conditioning (Sport Specific)

Muscular strength plays a crucial role in athletic performance! It should be the foundation of all training programs. In order for one to become stronger, one needs to follow the principal of “progressive overload”. Simply put… one must progressively overload the muscle to achieve more strength. Hence, weight training incorporating sets of 90%-100% of your max effort, will yield great strength gains. I continue to observe two common mistakes with strength training. The first is performing sets of high volume i.e. the “bodybuilding method”. Keep in mind that big muscles do not equal big strength! The other common mistake individuals make is performing high repetitions, which in return, only increases their muscular endurance and conditioning thus yielding no increase in muscular strength i.e. circuit training. The stronger one becomes the more power one can generate. Power training incorporates Olympic lifting, med ball throws, jumps, bands, etc. The key to power training is keeping the weight and repetitions low while being explosive as possible! Speed goes hand in hand with power. Performing explosive sprinting starts trains the muscles to fire fast. Include a variety of starts in your program. You will be amazed in the improvement of your quickness! Another important component that seems to be eliminated in many, if not all, training programs is mobility/flexibility. I’m not talking about the stretch and hold exercises that have been around forever. I’m taking about performing mobility exercises to increase one’s range of motion at the joint. By increasing one’s mobility, you can increase performance, proper form, move fluently and decrease injury! In my past 10 years of experience, mobility is the key to a successful athlete! Mobility/flexibility, with all combat athletes, plays a huge part in being able to perform the technique and skills properly. An athlete’s core plays another intricate part in their performance and health. My saying is… “You’re only as strong as your core”. With this said, core strength and stability allows the combat athlete to generate rotation power for take downs and throws. It also adds to a strong and explosive ground game as well as to powerful punches, knees and kicks. It’s very important to add core “stability” exercises into your program. Performing planks and various exercises that stabilize the hips and allow the extremities to perform will get your core in functional shape! The final key to a perfect training program is conditioning. This is the hardest component since most of us find it hard to push ourselves to the brink! You all know what I mean. This is the point to where you feel nauseas, dizzy, exhausted or gassed at the end of a conditioning session. Sparring in your combat sport is the best way to get conditioned! In addition, MMA circuit training or sprint intervals can greatly help also. Keep in mind it needs to be sport-specific.

In summary, the strong, explosive, quick, mobile and conditioned combat athletes in the presence of great skill and technique will dominate the competition! Implementing these components into your training program will help you in jiu-jitsu, grappling, MMA, muay thai, wrestling and boxing! So whether you’re a beginner or advance student at Tai Kai, strength, power, speed, core, mobility and sport-specific conditioning should be your intentions in the gym! The “beach muscles” won’t cut it! In future articles, I will be discussing nutrition, injuries & rehabilitation, videos of new exercises, conditioning circuits, weight loss, grip training and various other topics to make YOU a better combat athlete. If you have any questions please contact me via email. My intentions is to make Tai Kai athletes the best in the area, state, and country!

Michael Derecola, ATC, CSCS

Do you want to Train with Marcelo Garcia for FREE on Saturday March 12??? Read on

We are having a one Day Marcelo Garcia NO GI seminar on Saturday March 12, 2011 at 12:00 PM. see details below

DO you want to train there for FREE

1) Active members- If you are an active member and you refer someone to the school and they enroll before the seminar then the seminar is free.

2) Inactive members- IF you were a member of Tai Kai and are no longer and was thinking of enrolling back up. If you enroll before the seminar then the seminar is free

3) Active/Inactive members.- Hey if you are an active member and know someone that is thinking of signing back up and you are the final push and they tell us that then you both get to go to the seminar for free.

4) Visiting schools- If you are an instructor of another school and bring 3 people down to the seminar then the seminar is free for you.

Here is the regular seminar information

Philip Mitsiell (the Ironman) Recent Grappling matches

Here are some of the matches from a recent tournament for Philip Mitsiell. Phil is a Blue Belt at Tai Kai. Phil has always been a strong, explosive grappler but he is also very technical. So if you see him in class watch him and pick his brain. I wrote the ironman above because he had 6 matches in one day. Here are a few of them.

Logan Walker MMA video and Congrats To Mikel and Phil for the Grappling wins

First Congrats to Mikel Oliver for taking first place again in the tournament this weekend in Ithaca. Also congrats to Phil Mitsiell for taking first in Advanced heavyweight and 2nd in the Absolute divsion. He had 5 matches. Also congrats to Mark Hoyer. He went up there to compete and he may have lost but I hear he never gave up and fought to the end.

Here is the video of the MMA match this weekend for Logan Walker

Congrats: James Frier and Jeremy Logan Walker on Wins tonight in VT

Congrats to James Frier for winning his Muay Thai debut tonight in Vt. He won in the 3rd round by KO via head kick and straight right hand. Also Congrats to Logan Walker for winning his MMA fight tonight in VT by head and arm choke. I hear the whole fight was a total domination. Team Tai Kai goes 2-0 tonight. And also thanks to the coaches that went up there. Thanks Dennis Sugure, Mike Mucitelli, and Patrick Greenfield(SQUID). They drove in this crazy weather today to corner these guys. So also congrats these coaches too when you see them in class. Great work guys

Why Your Jiu Jitsu Gi Matters

The uniform worn to train inside the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu calls for students of the sport to wear a Jiu Jitsu Gi. Just since it truly is classic doesn’t imply that it can be outdated. In reality, the Jiu Jitsu Gi has numerous benefits for instruction in simply because of your superior techniques it’ll educate you vs. your opponent. Without the need of teaching inside a appropriate Bjj Gi you’ll hardly ever obtain the suitable foundation lower about the Bjj methods. The relevance of training that has a Bjj Gi is far extra then any individual can talk about and any person who says otherwise is mistaken. All you might have to do is search again and see that Frank Mir coaching in a Gi, Gabriel Gonzaga trained inside a Gi, Nick Diaz educated in a very Gi, and the listing goes on and on of earth class MMA fighters beginning out by education while using Jiu Jitsu Gi to have along the foundations they require for Bjj.

For example, using a Bjj Gi that you are continually searching for grips following grips which slows the game along and helps make you visualize your submissions ahead of you pull them off. You happen to be able to grip exactly where required to control your opponent which teaches you exactly where to manage your opponents in no Gi matches at the same time. Even the greatest no gi grappler within the world, Marcelo Garcia, says he trains only using a Jiu Jitsu Gi. So this in by itself exhibits you the value of the Bjj Kimonos. With the Gi you learn to enjoy the spider guard, open guard, x guard, and you also go for numerous much more chokes and throws as you’d feel of without having a Gi. This imagined method exhibits you more selections and increases your no gi game substantially. When you never ever educated no gi and only skilled by using a Bjj kimono you’ll in all probability be amazed at your talents as soon as you roll with a person no gi. Give it several nights and you also’ll be on the leading of your respective recreation. In all, the Jiu Jitsu Gi is essential with your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA profession to enrich your tactics and several other features of the sport.

Get More From your Body

How you can improve your body’s performance in four steps.

It seems everybody who knows how to exercise has a tip or two on how to get your body to operate at its maximum potential. Which ones should you use? The ones that work for you. Believe it or not, most tried-and-true ways to get more from your body work. At least they work for a certain group of people.
Trying these different techniques will help you determine what it takes to help your body get to the next level of fitness and provide you with a better, stronger self.

Strengthen Your Core:

Just the name of your core should be enough to convince you of your need to keep it strong and healthy. When your core is weak, the rest of your body is at a distinct disadvantage. Add some muscle to your core with sit-ups, double crunches, crunches while resting on an exercise ball, and other core-strengthening and core-stabilizing exercises. The end result will be more than a good-looking set of abdominal muscles. It will be a set of good-looking abdominal muscles that supports you properly and efficiently in all endeavors you undertake – whether walking briskly through the airport with two carry-on bags tossed across your shoulder or going for a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Get Vitamin D:

You’ve known for a long time that vitamin D is important for strong bones, and strong bones are important if you want your body to do its job as well as possible. Did you know that vitamin D is also important for another reason? Recent research shows that vitamin D may play a great role in whether an athlete is able to take his or her performance to the next level. Runners who underwent rigorous training reduced their sprint times by 7.4 percent with the aid of vitamin D, while their counterparts who did not receive vitamin D increased their times by a meager 1.7 percent. So if you want to get the most from your body, take a vitamin D supplement or get out in the sun.

Kick Back:

Taking some time off to relax seems counterproductive when you want your body to be stronger and more efficient. But if you don’t take time to relax and get proper amounts of sleep, your body won’t be there for you when you need it most. Instead, it will be ready for naptime. In addition to getting plenty of sleep, you should also relax your body during the day. By forcing yourself to let your limbs hang loose and your fingers drop carelessly, you stretch out your entire body and reduce your stress levels immediately. Take this time to breathe, and breathe deeply. Deep, focused breathing is a great way to reinvigorate your muscles with oxygen-rich blood, and it’s easy to do. So relax a little now and your body will be ready to help later.

Drink It Down:

Water is one of your body’s main building blocks, making up nearly three-fourths of your body mass. Are you getting enough of it? If not, you’re putting your body at a disadvantage that is difficult to overcome with energy bars and electrolyte-filled drinks. When in doubt, drink water. It will give your body what it needs to stay strong and healthy, keep you from growing weak and faint, and will help you feel fuller faster, all benefits that help your body operate at its peak all the time.

Slow It Down

There are countless ways to keep your body from reaching and operating at its potential all the time. What are a few of them? Let us count the ways…
One one-thousand…sugary sweets
Two one-thousand…focusing only on aerobic exercises
Three one-thousand…focusing only on strength exercises
Four one-thousand…a negative attitude
Five one-thousand…poor posture when standing and performing exercises

New Kid’s Tai Kai T-Shirts are Here

All of the Kid’s Tai Kai T-shirts have come in. We have them in all kid’s sizes. We have the Kimono figure in Gray and the Two Sided T shirt with the school logo in Black.
Here are some pics. They were taken with my iphone so please excuse the quality.