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Monthly Archives: January 2011

7 Keys To Making The Most Out Of Your Training Experience

7 Keys To Making The Most Out Of Your Training Experience
By Sifu Kevin Seaman

As you enter your training at Tai Kai and begin your progression within the Martial Arts here are 7 Key principles that will help you to accelerate your training, learn faster and retain what you’re taught more effectively, making your experience the most optimal.

1) When you arrive at Tai Kai clear your mind of all thoughts not associated with your goal of learning. The distractions, challenges, stress and work of everyday life will still be there after your class has ended. Be there 100%, absorbing the material with all of your attention.

2) In order to learn anything well and become excellent at it, you need to approach it seriously. There is an abundance of material presented in each session. Buy a notebook designated for your Martial Arts Studies and take notes after each class. It is impossible to absorb the details and remember them without notes.

3) Ask mindful questions of yourself after class as you reflect on a technique or concept taught to you and ask the instructor during your next class to clarify any points you didn’t understand, or questions relating to how you might use what you’ve learned effectively.

4) Develop your visualization skills. Once you’ve learned a technique, see yourself performing the technique correctly over and over in your Mind’s Eye. This mental strategy is used by some of the top athletes and best fighters in the world to assist them in their success.

5) Create a Goal Sheet of exactly what you want to accomplish with our program. Make approximate time deadlines and for your goals and sub-goals. Sub-goals help you to see progress in a step-by-step process, while deadlines keep you on track to accomplishing your goals.

6) I can tell you that consistency is one of the most important aspects to developing any skill and meeting the objectives you wish to accomplish. I know this because I have achieved the ranks of 8 Black Belts and recently started on my journey to my 9th as a white belt. The secret of how I accomplished this is through consistency.

7) Develop an attitude of championship standards. Always approach learning something new with an open mind. Trust your teachers, and respect what they offer. Take care of your training partner and use each other to become the BEST you both can be. As our Thai Boxing instructor, Master Chai has said; be hard like a diamond and smooth like silk.

Sifu Kevin Seaman is a staff Instructor at Tai Kai Jiu Jitsu having trained in the Martial Arts for nearly 40 years. He is internationally renown for his experience in the Martial Arts and, his work as a Mental Performance Coach. Currently writes for Authority MMA Magazine and has written two books. Check out his book at www.thewinningmindset.com/book.html.
His Martial Art website: www.ewmaa.com

Yoga Class at Tai Kai -1/23/2011

Another great class this morning at Tai Kai. Thank you all for joining us today. We did some moon flow sequences today with some core and balance tossed in for good measure. We ended class today using props to assist us in stretching our shoulders and legs. Using an old belt, tie or strap is very useful to guide us through the tightness we often find in our legs and hips and shoulders. Today I showed some options on how to use these tools in our yoga practice. I hope you all enjoyed class and I look forward to seeing you all again!



Two More MMA guard passes and Normal Regular Guys doing MMA Class

A nice MMA Guard pass

Here is another MMA Guard Pass

This is one of our regular students doing some light MMA sparring, Chris. He is pretty new to MMA class but has been doing jiu jitsu pretty regularly. The sparring is nice and controlled.

This is another one of our regular students doing some light MMA sparring. Dan is an ironman. He usually does Jiu Jitsu, Kali, and MMA all in one night.

Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Marcelo Garcia Interview-reprinted from ADCOMBAT

Marcelo Garcia ADCC 2003

We caught up with Garcia recently after he found time in his busy schedule that has only gotten busier with the remodeling of the academy:

KP- What have you been working on lately?

MG-I really have been focusing on my school, my students, because the school and website are related the better the first gets the better the website will be, I really don’t even think that I am being filmed, is just my normal regular class so it makes it more natural, and I am really happy with the results so far.

KP- What do you think is important for a BJJ practitioner to do?

MG- For me the most important lesson is to get used to taking risks, the more risks you take the more you are going to learn.

KP-Your online instructional site mginaction.com is highly regarded, what is your personal thought on it?

MG- I think that I can give access to good training and good instruction to those who live far, that will never be able to come train at my school, actually, lately I’ve been getting visiting students from very far places because they started using mginaction and then decided they wanted to come train with me , even if it’s just for a few days and that’s so cool.

KP- How is the academy doing?

MG- I couldn’t have asked for anything better, I have a great location, and an amazing group of students! And also it’s exciting because we get so many visitors that there’s always new people, different training and I believe that it will make me and my students always improve.

KP- In the last ADCC you came in second for the first time, afterwards you told me it was a relief as the pressure was off now. How do you feel about it now?

MG- I am not a strategist, I don’t train focused on an opponent, I don’t want to beat this guy or that guy, I just go there and fight, so I don’t really feel that pressure. That’s who I am , I might loose some fights because I take some risks, because I always fight to submit, but I won’t change. Some people tell me that I should change the way I train, that I should have a game plan against stallers, if I ever have to do that I would rather quit Jiu-Jitsu.

KP- Are you coming back and competing in ADCC this year and try to get “your title” back? And what about the Worlds BJJ?

MG- Yes I’ll be in ADCC. I think that the gi Worlds is the most prestigious jj tournament, so I always try to make the effort to compete at it. The few times I was out it was because I couldn’t compete. I am very happy with the results of the 2010 Worlds, it was a really tough division and I came out as the winner.

KP- What are your plans for 2011?

MG- As far as competition goes, I am focused on Worlds and ADCC, so it will be a busy year of training, but I ‘m really really focused on my students right now, I wanna see one of them win ADCC one day! But let’s leave this question for when it gets close to the tournaments! I am excited about the new rule changes on ADCC.

KP- Anything else you want to ad?

MG- I just want to thank all the people that helped me get where I am, to be able to get my school the way I always dreamed of and they all know who they are

Hips, twists, and balance- Yoga 1/16/2011 at Tai Kai with 23 students

Well, we had an even bigger turnout today for our second Yoga at Tai Kai! I thank you all for coming it was quite surprising that we had 23 of you come since the weather was quite white and blustery when we were all arriving!

We had a nice challenging class today working our Hips, twists and balance (sometimes all at once!) I am so glad you all were advanced Yogi’s and Yogini’s by smiling through class today! It really does make it seem easier to smile through the challenges and you all did a fantastic job. I hope to see you all again next week at 10:30 Sunday morning for another class to bring yourself as you are that day and find time for yourself with a little yoga to begin your week!
Have a wonderful week ahead and I look forward to next week’s yoga at Tai Kai!


Marc Stevens Verbally agrees to fight on Feb. 12 Strikeforce Card

Tai Kai Jiu JItsu Brown Belt and Jiu Jitsu Nation owner Marc Stevens has verbally agreed with strikeforce to fight on their February 12th card. More details and his opponent will be announced later. The Card is in New Jersey.

as soon as I have more info I will post it.