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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu- Seven Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts

Tai Kai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu now has seven Black Belts. Scott Schultz(1st Degree), Phil Migliarese(Balance Studios, 3rd Degree), Ken Kronenberg(1st Degree) , Dennis Sugrue, Len Sonia, Jordan Damon, Steve Overend, and Dan Covel. 7 Brazilian Jiu JItsu Black Belts under one roof Tai Kai has come a long way.

Awesome Phil Migliarese seminar and Congrats to New Purple, Brown, and Black Belts

It was an awesome Phil Migliarese seminar with a lot of material covered and a great question and answer session. The belt ceremony was great. People were really pushed to earn their belts.


New Black Belts

Steve Overend
Dan Covel
Dennis Sugrue

New Brown Belts

Kevin Hotchkiss
Joe Roach
Anthony Johnston
Matt Moore
Ray NewKirk

New Purple Belts

Darius Collinson
Dave Briest

Thank you to Phil Migliarese for coming up to help out with the promotions. Thank you to all the students and their families that made this happen

Congrats Michael Mucitelli on winning his Pro Debut at Cage of Horrors

Congrats Michael Mucitell on winning his Pro Debut at Cage of Horrors. From what I understand Mike cut him up with a big right hand and was totally dominating the fight. In between the rounds the ref stopped the fight due to a cut. Congrats. Mike took this on short notice and performed awesome. Thanks to the guys that went up with him Darin Carol, Chris Roach, and Jordan Damon. Everyone at Tai Kai is proud of you Mike and had total confidence in you.

Jordan Damon( Tai Kai) vs. Renato Tavares (ATT Vero Beach) at 2004 Grapplers Quest All Star Pro Challenge

Jordan Damon( Tai Kai) vs. Renato Tavares (ATT Vero Beach) at 2004 Grapplers Quest All Star Pro Challenge

Match up from 2004 Grapplers Quest Pro Division. A very good match between Jordan and Renato. Lots of transitions, submission attempts, and positional changes. Jordan almost pulled it off.

Less than one week away- Free Seminar and Belt Ceremony-Oct 23

Less than one week away. October 23rd is almost here. Free seminar starts at 11:30-1:00 by Phil Migilarese owner of Balance Studios and Relson Gracie Black belt. Then from 1:00 PM to ????? the long awaited belt ceremony. ALL Tai Kai Students are invited. Should be a great time. ALL candidates up for testing must be there at the seminar. Information on UFC party afterwards to follow.