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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Growing up Gracie: The Phil Migliarese Story

Growing up Gracie: The Phil Migliarese Story. This is a 8 minute Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu documentary about the BJJ life of Phil Migliarese. Phil is the founder of Balance Studios in Philadelphia,PA. He will be doing a seminar next Wednesday night at Jiu JItsu Nation/Tai Kai North in Watertown for the debut of Marc Stevens in TUF 12 on Spike TV.

Tai Kai Jiu JItsu on YNN News- Marc Stevens on TUF

Check out Tai Kai Jiu JItsu on YNN news story 9/08/2010 about TUF figher Marc Stevens.

Also Check out TUF first 5 minutes with Marc Stevens. Watch to the very end.


Thursday 9/2/2010 Techniques

I want to start listing techniques as we do them in class. I meant to take a video of these but forgot so next time.

All the techniques were from our opponent in the turtle position

1) We did a turnover to get side control on our opponent
2) We did a spinning collar choke from the turtle
3) We did a rolling armbar from the turtle

I plan on listing future class techniques but next time with video