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20 New Blue Belts at Tai Kai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu




Congrats to 20 new Tai-Kai Blue Belts. On Saturday January 13, 2017 , we has 20 new students promoted to blue belt. We had young kids in their 20’s up to Women in their 50’s testing. We had 100 pound woman all the way up to over 200 lb men.  We even had two husband and wives test together for their rank. Six new Women joined the rank of Blue Belt.It was a great test and really brought everyone together. This would not be possible without all the students, families, and ALL the instructors that teach and helped with the test. THANK YOU to everyone.

The actual test was 2 hours long. The first one and half hours was demonstration of basic technique including: submissions, escapes, takedowns, positions, sweeps , and of course SELF DEFENSE. Then they grappled for 30 minutes with no break getting a new partner every minute. At the end when they thought they were done , they had to go through some basic movements such as, shrimping, back breakfalls, rolls, sprawls, and butt scoots.  Everyone looked great and I was really impressed with this group of new Blue Belts.



John Vecchiarelli
Jason Iorio
John Losurdo
Eric Stein
Dan Laraby
Allison Laraby
Anthony Carella
Dan Moyer
Tracy Sullivan
Lori Lyons
Tim Woods
Kelly Woods
Barb Roach
Michael Benjamin
Fred Isaacs
Brian Racht
Richard Mossotti
John Sherbourne
Mary Parry
Mike Bowes


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