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First Robson Moura Seminar was simply AWESOME at Tai Kai


           On November 10, 2013 , Tai-Kai hosted its first Robson Moura seminar. Let me just say it was awesome.  Some of the techniques he demonstrated I have seen on some of his video sets but watching them on TV was not the same. He made all those techniques easy and doable right away. I was very impressed with his knowledge and overall teaching ability.  He covered some butterfly guard passes that eventually worked into three different submissions from the pass. We also worked some sweeps from the Z Guard that went into some submissions. The details he added on all these techniques was amazing.  He opened it up to question and answer and pretty much showed people anything they wanted to see or had a question about. Bryce Tallini was the lucky individual who got to be the partner for these Q and A demonstrations. We had people here in attendance from Tai Kai, Dojo-1, Binghamton BJJ, CNY MMA, Infinity BJJ, and Berhing BJJ NY. We are hoping to have Robson up many more times. So if there is a Robson seminar in your neighborhood don’t walk but RUN to get to the seminar.